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Regression Therapy | Past-Life Regression Treatment

Regression Therapy | Past-Life Regression Treatment

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Regression work gets to the root of any issues you may be experiencing. By tapping into the subconscious mind we are able to bring authentic change and power back to this lifetime.



ALL Regression Therapy includes a brief consultation to establish a cohesive flow for our work together. Session duration is 180 minutes (3 hours).

In-person Regression is performed fully clothed on a comfort top massage table.

Distance Regression can be performed in any location and are ideal for those living in remote areas, those without transportation, or those with situational, health, and mobility issues.



Past-Life Regression Benefits:

  1. Identify patterns and themes from the past that impact your life currently.
  2. Release and contracts or promises that have come with you into this lifetime.
  3. Heal residual energy that may exist within your current body.
  4. Gain knowledge around soul contracts with individuals in your life.
  5. Experience yourself in other lifetimes.
  6. Address fears surrounding death
  7. Offer love-based completion to the aspects of the soul no longer valid in your current life.
  8. Answer questions you may have surrounding past-lives
  9. Offer a safe and guided environment to explore the depths of your soul's evolution




$225.00 for 1 Session

$625.00 for 3 Sessions (save $50)




    Rescheduling or Cancellation must be within 48 hours of Regression Services. Rescheduling fee of $20 will apply when not done prior to this 48-hour window. Zero Refund policy. 

     •••DISTANCE CLIENTS: Please complete your purchase with a working email and telephone (via customer account creation); this will secure my ability to contact you for with digital consent & regression overview.