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Guided Meditation | Elemental Attunement

Guided Meditation | Elemental Attunement

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The Elements exist innately within our being. This guided meditation awakens, attunes and aligns this Universal connection.



ALL Guided Meditation Sessions includes a brief consultation to establish a cohesive flow for our work together. Session duration of 45 minutes.

In-person Session is performed fully clothed on a comfort top massage table or seated upon a meditation pillow.

Distance work can be performed in any location and is ideal for those living in remote locations, those without transportation, or those with situational, health, and mobility issues preventing in-person scheduling. Distance clients will receive a link to your ZOOM video session after purchase.  



$65.00 for 1 Session



  • Connect with the elementals within & surrounding you
  • Receive divine empowerment and support in difficult times
  • Regular and frequent connection stimulates creative power on all levels.
  • Establish a flow of elemental energy
  • Cultivate a relationship with the Higher Self & the Divine
  • Can be used in conjunction with standard medical procedures & all spiritual paths or religions.
  • Welcome Elemental presence and guidance into your everyday life.
  • Work with a guide to hold space for your meditative journey. When the body feels safe and in a state of peace, it can better connect to the etheric realm.



Rescheduling or Cancellation must be within 48 hours of Services. Rescheduling fee of $20 will apply when not done prior to this 48-hour window. Zero Refund policy. 

 •••DISTANCE CLIENTS: Please complete your purchase with a working email and telephone (via customer account creation); this will secure my ability to contact you for with digital consent.