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What is an Energy Reading?

Energy Readings are an "extra"-sensory conversation between the multidimensional aspects of humanity and the Universal Consciousness.

Readings rely upon permissions granted by the Recipients to the Reader as a way of tapping into the energetic body to channel messages in accordance with an inquiry.

All Readings given by Lady Bash are empowered and channeled through Reiki as an Intuitive Messenger.   

What is an Intuitive Messenger?

All human beings are messengers. We offer messages to the Universe through our thoughts, actions, beliefs, emotions, energy, and choices. We as human beings are empowered to co-create our lives through these messages by consistently exchanging energy with our life experiences and environments. 

Intuitive Messengers are naturally "gifted" individuals with the refined skill of communicating in the spiritual realms through Universal Language. Intuitive Messengers often have a very unique and personal style of communication in the spiritual (Universal) realm. Some messengers rely upon guides, angels, ancestors, or deity while others utilize intuition, tools of Source energy. All messengers are as unique as the message itself. 

With a mindful understanding of our co-creative traits, intuitive messengers often seek to master their natural conversation with Spirit (Universe). There is no right or wrong way to "master" one's skills, and we often find ourselves drawn to the messenger we are most likely to align with in order to receive Spiritual Invitations. 



  • "CLAIRS" - a natural gift channeled through heightened senses a.k.a. "extrasensory." Often times these gifts present in childhood and become refined skills over time to be utilized by the Messenger. Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Clairempathy, and Clairtangency are the main "Clair" gifts utilized in a Reading with Lady Bash. 
  • CARTOMANCY - the art of using a deck to bring forth messages from in response to the inquiry. Messages will come through themes, art, and structures of particular deck systems of divine information in. This intuitive practice is often coupled with an intentional layout of the cards themselves, known as a spread. This allows an in-depth glance into an agreed-upon topic between the Messenger & the Recipient. Them most common forms of cartomancy would include Tarot decks, Oracle decks, Lenormand decks, and even everyday playing cards. 
  • LITHOMANCY - the art of using stones to bring forth messages in response to the inquiry. Many structured aspects of this ancient divination form have been lost over time offering the Messenger a much wider platform of intuitive personalization. Lady Bash utilizes 7 stones that correspond with our bodily system & subtle chakras. Invitations for growth and understanding becomes the main theme when using this tool.
  • CHAKRAS & REIKI - the art of sensing the chakras and how they relate to the experiences of the Recipient. This tool is a unique practice, created by Lady Bash upon completing her training as a Reiki Master Teacher, combining intuition, clair giftings, and energetic flow as a way to deliver messages that correspond with messages waiting within our energy body.



Readings are offered each Monday by appointment only.

Distance Readings may be ideal for those living in remote areas, those without transportation, or those with situational, health, and mobility issues. Receive our ZOOM link upon scheduling your Distance Reading via email. 




To book your Energy Reading email: 




30 Minute Reading - $44.00

60 Minute Reading - $88.00

90 Minute Reading - $130.00



Rescheduling or Cancellation must be within 48 hours of Reading Services. Rescheduling Fee of $20 will apply when not done prior to this 48-hour window. Zero Refund policy. 

•••DISTANCE CLIENTS: Please complete your purchase with a working email (via customer account creation); this will secure my ability to email you with an invitation to your ZOOM appointment.