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The Wandering Raven CELEBRATES Spiritual Wellness



It is the policy of Wandering Raven Wellness to provide our Code of Ethics which serves as a guide to proper business conduct for all agents, contracts, and representatives. This Code of Ethics aligns with those set forth by the Academy of Ancient Magik & the Usui System of Natural Healing. At Wandering Raven Wellness our code of ethical behavior is committed to the following, we will:

  1. Provide the highest quality of service to those who seek our professional services.

  2. Conduct ourselves in a professional and ethical manner in relation to the client, so as to comply with the highest standards of moral behavior & integrity, and to uphold the dignity and status of our profession under all circumstances.

  3. Recognize the primary obligation is always to the client and agree to practice our therapy or business to the best of our ability for the client’s benefit. The client’s comfort, welfare, and health must always have priority.

  4. Provide clients on request with information that includes training, certification, the scope of practice, payment structure, benefits, limitations and expectations of both the practitioner and client.

  5. Serve the best interests of our clients at all times by providing the highest quality of service.

  6. Undertake continuing professional development courses and improve skills and professional standards whenever possible.

  7. Provide services within the scope and the limits of our training, and not employ techniques for which we have not undergone adequate training. We shall represent our education, training, qualifications, and abilities honestly, and refer clients to the appropriately qualified professionals when needed.

  8. Not diagnose, prescribe, or provide any service which requires a license to practice unless specifically licensed or certified to do so.

  9. Maintain client confidentiality. We do not divulge to anyone the findings acquired during consultations, or in the course of professional recommendations, without clients' consent except when required by law.

  10. We respect the rights of other healthcare professionals and will cooperate with all health care professionals in a friendly and professional manner.

  11. Practice honesty in advertising & promotion of our services by marketing only those skills for which we have received adequate training or certification.

  12. Maintain our premises in a hygienic condition and ensure our premises offer Clients sufficient privacy.

  13. Maintain complete records of each Client.

  14. Dress in a professional manner suitable and consistent with accepted professional practice.

  15. Refrain from engaging or entering into relationships with anyone whilst they are our client, or under our care.

- Academy of Ancient Magik




Reiki teachers respect the dignity and worth of all human beings and strive to protect and preserve fundamental human rights. They're dedicated to making contributions which helped to increase knowledge and understanding of human beings and their life process.

They recognized Reiki as a science which is beneficial, benevolent, and helpful to all people in their basic human right to achieve positive wellness, balance, help, healing, wholeness, and enlightenment.

Reiki Teachers are committed to protecting the integrity of the profession of Reiki and the interest to the public in receiving valid, bona fide Reiki in seminars and therapy. They are committed to the promotion of human welfare in the offering of their professional Reiki services and make every effort to protect the welfare, well-being, and interest of those seeking their services. They use their Knowledge and Skills only for the purposes consistent with these values and do not knowingly condone their misuse by others. Reiki teachers accept the responsibility which goes with the freedom to engage in professional Reiki services and subscribe to the ethics supportive of these values and standards including:

  1. Responsibility
  2. Competence
  3. Confidentiality
  4. Moral & Legal Standards
  5. Consumer Welfare
  6. Professional Relationships
  7. Research



In providing Reiki seminars, therapy, lectures and other services related to the practice of Reiki, the Reiki Master Teacher maintains the highest standards of the profession in the best interest and welfare of the public. Reiki Teachers accept the primary responsibility of providing to the public the proper Reiki Attunement, without changes or alterations of any kind, as based on the science of Reiki as valid and proper procedures for Reiki activation.

Reiki Master Teachers recognize responsibility in helping others to gain factual knowledge and appropriate skills in understanding the use of the science and techniques of Reiki.

Reiki Master Teachers accept the responsibility of presenting Reiki as a safe science and art of using Universal Life Energy, to provide a balance of the entire being which includes positive wellness & healing with holistic Enlightenment which is not in conflict with standard medical practices, psychological treatment, and other related therapy. Reiki Teachers recognize that they have professional influence and, therefore, the highest levels of Integrity are necessary regarding the profession of Reiki for the best interests and welfare of the public.


To maintain high standards of competence in the interest of the public, and the Reiki profession as a whole, a Reiki Master Teacher’s continuing education to improve and upgrade teaching techniques and knowledge in the field of Reiki is a part of the process of maintaining high standards of professional competence currently and in future years.

Reiki Teachers pursue to accurately represent to the public their education training, apprenticeship, and experience as related to Reiki and any other education and experiences appropriate to their professional activities and services.

The Reiki Master Teacher recognizes the need to continue developing their skills, techniques, and knowledge in the science of Reiki and other wholeness related fields, and are open to new procedures, as they become appropriate in future years while still maintaining the purity of the energy in its original form. This “new knowledge” is the understanding and Enlightenment of the individual and Collective Consciousness as the ability of the human consciousness expands to accept the pure form of Reiki in its entirety.

The Reiki Master Teacher performs their services on the basis of careful preparations so that public lectures, seminars and other activities related to Reiki are accurate and current. Reiki Teachers recognized that personal problems and conflicts may sometimes interfere with professional effectiveness and limit, appropriately, their public activities as related to Reiki when such circumstances are likely to lead to the inadequate or harmful performance of duties and services.


Reiki Master teachers have a primary responsibility to respect the confidentiality of information obtained from the client during the course of professional Reiki work. When appropriate, the client should be informed of any legal limits of this confidentiality. Reiki Teachers who present personal client information obtained in the course of professional Reiki work and/or research, lectures, writings, or any other public context will sufficiently disguise particular identifying information or obtain prior written consent to use such information. Reiki teachers shall instruct apprentices and aids in the honoring of client confidentiality, including all personal information such as telephone numbers, addresses, or any pertinent information relating to set client.

This confidentiality shall apply to and include all personal information regarding fellow Reiki initiates. Never shall the personal files of a Reiki Master Teacher, of the clients or other Reiki initiates be misappropriated or used for personal gain either by the Reiki Teacher or the Reiki Teachers apprentices.


A Reiki Master Teachers ethical, moral, and legal standards of behavior are essentially a personal matter to the same degree as it is true for any other citizen, except as these may hinder the fulfillment of their professional responsibilities or diminish and/or jeopardize another's state of well-being and/or the public trust in Reiki.

Reiki Master Teachers do not engage in practices which include but are not limited to considerations based on race, religion, age, gender, sexual preferences, physical and psychological differences, or nationality in the offering of Reiki to the public.

Reiki Teachers are aware of the possible impact of their public behavior upon the extent and ability of their colleagues to carry out their professional services.


Reiki Master Teachers respect and honor integrity, they recognize the responsibility to protect the welfare of the public as individuals or groups with whom they work. Reiki Teachers make announcements, advertisements, and promotional statements which serve to help the public make informed choices and assessments.

Reiki Master Teachers represent accurately and objectively their professional qualifications, functions, services, and affiliations. Reiki Teachers present the science of Reiki and offer their services, publications, and other related materials without sensationalism, exaggeration, or superficiality.

Public statements about Reiki do not contain 1) misrepresentations 2) fraudulent, false, misleading, or deceptive statements 3) statements like we wanted to play on a person's emotions concerning possible results if he offered service is not obtained.

Reiki Master Teachers recognize the responsibility of teaching the science of Reiki ( which may include the principles of wholeness) in a Reiki seminar and to use the proper procedures for attunement so that in the best interest of the public, the consumer is assured they have paid for and received valid, full, and legitimate Reiki.


Reiki Master Teachers recognize their empowerment at all times and recognize that students may regard them with the same deference and attitudes as may apply to that of a priest and counselor. Therefore, regard for the student's well-being is respected at all times by the Reiki Teacher. Reiki Teachers act with appropriate respect, regard, and consideration of other Reiki Teachers and of other related professional / professions with whom the client may be involved and or to whom the client may need to be referred. At no time does a Reiki Teacher denigrate, misrepresent, speak out against, or publicly disregard a Teacher, with the exception of when said behavior is in contradiction to ethical clause 4 (MORAL & LEGAL STANDARDS).

A Reiki Master Teacher recognizes that to do so is against the well-being and dignity of those to whom he/she directors their actions and comments, even if the others involved appear to be in compliance. A Reiki Teacher remains sensitive to the growth and well-being of clients, students, research participants, and employees at all times.


The decision to undertake research rest upon the considered assessment of an individual Reiki Master Teacher about how best to contribute to the science of Reiki and humanity. Reiki Master Teachers carries out the research project with respect and concern for the dignity and welfare of the people or animal to participate and with complete regard for Country, State, and Professional Standards governing the conduct of such research.

A researcher has the primary responsibility for the ethical acceptability of the research project. The researcher establishes a clear and fair agreement with the research participants prior to their participation. The researcher has the responsibility of honoring all promises and commitments included in the agreement.

The researcher respects an individual’s freedom to decline or withdraw from the research it anytime. The researcher will protect all participants, human or animal, from physical and or psychological harm, danger, and discomfort. Information obtained about a participant during the course of professional research it's confidential unless otherwise agreed upon. The researcher is responsible for securing and storing such information in a manner that protects those parts which are considered confidential.

- Usui System of Natural Healing