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The Wandering Raven CELEBRATES Spiritual Wellness

Learn about our mission, our journey, and our approach to cultivating happiness, joy, and an overall sense of wellbeing. 


Our Mission

Discover concepts of Universal faith, spiritual gifts, and sacred tasks surrounding our existence and our purpose in life.

Prompt each soul to explore the Natural Self, the Higher Self, and the Universal Self. The integration of these Self-aspects leads to a life of freedom and wholeness.

The Wandering Raven is committed to uncovering sacred invitations that awaken and guide us to live our authentic truth. 

Our Journey

In 2016, we began providing handmade ritual products to the Denver Spiritual Community through local events, workshops, and boutiques. After our first year of service, we turned our focus toward the healing arts and other forms of spiritual wellness.

Today, The Wandering Raven provides Reiki & Regression Services, Classes & Workshops, Private Events, Usui Reiki Training, Energy Readings, and Spiritual Empowerment Mentorship.

Although we strive to incorporate a variety of traditions into each interaction – our devotion is to the Universal Spirit making our approach ideal for all individuals seeking expansion.




What is Health?

Health is the balance of all aspects of our being - body, mind, heart, spirit, and soul, as well as our wholeness of self coming into harmony with our environment and all we encounter.

Healing is then a remembrance of our wholeness, not only concerning our physical life, but in our entire essence - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Thus, to ignore or disavow any one aspect of ourselves is to deprive our being of true health.

Together we will usher in a new understanding of health and wholeness.



Meet Lady Bash



Bash Quesenberry is a devoted Reiki Master & Teacher, Spiritual Practitioner, and Interfaith Minister who dedicates her life to spiritualism and healing. Her passion is teaching and mentorship in the realms of Universal Faith, Empowerment & Energy. Her unique gift as a spiritual catalyst allows her to hold space for peoples of all spirit-based practices. 

Lady Bash is the founder of Workers Of Light Level-Up, a digital sacred space group where she offers practical application of the Usui System of Natural Healing.  Her teachings bring inspirational perspectives within the Wellness, Pagan & Spiritual Communities. Lady Bash has a unique gift as a spiritual catalyst, holding space for students of all spirit-based practices. 

"I celebrate many paths, traditions & esoteric ways of being. I firmly believe there is no right or wrong way to practice spirituality; there is only what is right or wrong for your soul in this lifetime. Spirituality has a peculiar tendency to grow and change along with us. My deepest desire is to rise high and dive deep in the concepts and practical use of spiritual tools; that others may see this work and glorify the Divine Universe in all its splendor. I am honored to be a student of the human experience.
Sending each of you blessings and love as you discover your souls' path🕯🌙.” - Rev. Bash Quesenberry


Love in Shadow & Love in Light™️
Lady, Bash Quesenberry