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Reiki Ritual | Self-Love & Integration

Reiki Ritual | Self-Love & Integration

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Reiki Ritual is a three-fold approach combining the subtle, natural, and ethereal kingdoms to influence the four realms of being - physical, mental, emotional & spiritual.



ALL Rituals includes a brief consultation to establish a cohesive flow for our work together. Ritual duration is 3 hours.

Distance Ritual can be performed in any location and are ideal for those living in remote areas, those without transportation, or those with situational, health, and mobility issues.

Please ensure you provide an email and working telephone number, by creating a customer account with purchase; this will secure my ability to contact you for consultation and scheduling. Contact will initiate within 24 hours of purchase ... OR SOONER.

All Rituals are scheduled based upon urgency & payment clearance. 


Self-Love & Integration Benefits:

    1. Bring resolution to dual-mindedness.
    2. Gently welcome disavowed aspects of self into the Light.
    3. Freedom from emotional turmoil.
    4. Increased awareness of our connection to Universal Love.
    5. Offer clarity in the darkness.
    6. Release trapped emotions that no longer serve your Highest Good.
    7. Heal karmic wounds that present in this lifetime.
    8. Fall into love with yourself & your life, once again.
    9. Gain peace & unity within all four realms of being - mental, physical, emotional, & spiritual.
    10. Gain a sense of Divine compassion and mercy.



Pricing Breakdown: 

  • $75.00 Consultation & Intention Creation
  • $225.00 Ritual & Materials
  • TOTAL COST = $300.00



Rescheduling or Cancellation must be within 48 hours of Ritual Services. Rescheduling fee of $20 will apply when not done prior to this 48-hour window. Zero Refund policy. 

 •••DISTANCE CLIENTS: Please complete your purchase with a working email and telephone (via customer account creation); this will secure my ability to contact you for with digital consent, scheduling & ritual overview.