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Palo Santo Bundle(s) | Bash Blends®
Palo Santo Bundle(s) | Bash Blends®

Palo Santo Bundle(s) | Bash Blends®

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Palo Santo Bundle(s)

by Bash Blends®

Palo Santo, also known as, "holy wood" has come to be honored in many cleansing traditions to resolve low vibratory energy.  


Use to absorb and release outdated habits, a poor pattern of thinking, or anything no longer in service of your highest good and purpose. Utilize the energy by burning and wafting the smoke upon your Sacred Space or Self. Grounding, Cleansing, Clearing, Aura & Energetic tool. 

Product Includes:

  • Palo Santo Bundle (4 sticks)
  • Spring of Colorado Indian Sage, Rosemary, OR Juniper
  • Bound & Wax Sealed
  • Bonus Crystal 


Cleansing by the 7 Winds:

  1. Winds of the North
  2. Winds of the East
  3. Winds of the South
  4. Winds of the West
  5. Winds from Below 
  6. Winds from Above
  7. Winds Within


    • Not FDA approved
    • Handcrafted Product