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Reiki Reading SERVICES

Psychic Intuition & Energy Reading is an extrasensory conversation between our multidimensional Being and the Universal Consciousness. Most modalities rely upon the Reader to be given permission into the energetic field of the Recipient while messages are channeled into the Reader to be delivered in accordance with the inquiry. All Readings given by Lady Bash are empowered and channeled through Reiki.   


  • Reiki Psychic Intuitive Readings are Questions & Answer based, and relies mainly on gifts of clairaudience & clairvoyance in response to the inquiry.
  • A Reiki Oracle & Tarot Deck Reading utilizes a themed oracle or tarot deck as the main tool in response to a direct inquiry or they may be laid into a particular "spread" to work within an agreed upon topic between the Reader & Recipient. The Oracle is similar to Tarot only with a different set of boundaries. Messages will come through themes depicted on the Cards themselves. This option allows you to choose your themed spread.
  • A Reiki Chakra Stone Reading utilizes 7 stones that correspond with our bodily system & subtle chakras. This service is designed to receive messages that are waiting within our body. Invitations for growth and understanding becomes the main theme of these Readings.

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