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What is Universal Energy?

Since the dawn of humankind, people have explored ways to connect with an invisible frequency to channel and direct their lives. Today, energy has become commonly accepted as the primal vibration of which all matter is composed.

The word "energy" comes from the Greek word "energia," meaning "to provide movement." This origin offers profound insight into what our ancestors innately knew; energy permeates all visible and invisible realities in a continual state of flow.

A functional and modern definition within the esoteric community states energy to be "the living force emanated by consciousness." This definition, however, does not take into account the frequency of non-living objects, of situations, or other forms of life unknown to humankind.

A significant realization occurs when our energy body comes into balance - we become healthy, vibrant human beings. By keeping our energy bodies balanced (in body & mind, as well as heart, spirit, & soul), we enter Universal Harmony.

Our sense of well being & joy grows as this energetic balance comes into alignment with our environment and all we encounter. Many people go through life having never given thought to the energies of their bodies or their surroundings.

When we take responsibility for our energy bodies and their care, this impacts our spiritual wellness, our growth in psychological freedom, and our physical health.

Sharing the journey

To embody the spirit of The Wandering Raven, I travel frequently to natural temples offered by our Mother Earth. 

These photos are a collection of sacred spaces and moments I have experienced, explored, and discovered along the way. 

Thank you for allowing me to share the journey with you! 

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