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[Lady Bash] ...a truly intuitive person with an amazing heart and beautiful spirit ... you will find love, kindness, advice, and knowledge here."

Sally H.

[Lady Bash] ...instantly made me feel loved and safe, as if my life that had felt so impossible, was finally filled with endless possibilities.

With every conversation, I learn something new about not just who I am, but who I CAN BE."

Wynna H.G.

[Lady Bash] ...teaches from a place of ancient wisdom, and gives so fully of her heart."

Shannon L.

Lady Bash is a wonderful human being. The experiences I have had with her divination sessions are always spot on and provide divine answers.

Often the ones I need to hear."

Cassandra S.

[Lady Bash] ...She is always open and willing to answer questions and speaks from her heart."

Amanda D.

I already knew Bash was an exceptional woman, but one of the most exciting parts about working with her so personally on this [custom ritual] was that I also was able to learn a great deal about myself and what I'm capable of."

Jocelyn A.

I have had multiple readings done by Bash, and she is thorough, as well as intuitive.

Her readings have always helped me on my life path, usually pointing directly at something I hadn’t given enough priority in my life."

Kelley S.

She is educated and humble in her strength. Any interaction with Bash will leave you mind-blown."

Rebecca B.

I have done numerous long distance one-on-one sessions with Lady Bash.

With her guidance, I have remembered the person that I have always been, who was forgotten due to the stresses of trauma and everyday life.

The day you start healing yourself is the day the world gets a little brighter."

Angela H.

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