We support BIPOC communities and the #BlackLivesMatter movement. You Matter. Your Life Matters. We stand with You!


As a Reiki Master Teacher, it is my mission to hold the Light and frequency of divine consciousness and enter into a sacred union with this life-giving & life-affirming energy. It is my honor and duty to evolve towards the frequency of Love as a Master of Light, bring transformation to darkness.

The oppression, abuse, suppression, & murder of countless black and brown men, women, and children issued a call to the Masters of Light everywhere. There is a call to bring our Light to the darkness illuminating all things. There is a call to hold the vibration/frequency of Love until all things align in Love.

I am no longer willing to continue the connection of my sacred Light to gain from an economic structure that systematically oppresses my BIPOC brothers and sister. In a stand for change and reform, I am donating 20% of ALL services to Black Lives Matter Tucson. 

I will be working on updating the website to reflect these changes. I appreciate your patience. If you're looking to work with me before site changes post, please email at:
Inquire @wanderingravenwellness.com

The Wandering Raven | Lady Bash

More About Us

What is Universal Energy?

Energy has become commonly accepted as the primal vibration or frequency of which all existence is composed. A functional and modern definition states energy to be the "essence of, or frequency emanated by vibration." 

 By keeping our energies balanced (body, mind, spirit, & soul), we enter Universal Oneness. Our sense of well being, connection, and joy increase as energetic oneness balances our Sacred Self,  our environment, and all we encounter.

When we claim ownership of our energetic vastness, we experience the impact in our spiritual wellness, our growth toward psychological freedom, and our physical health.

A Sacred Solar Journey | GUIDED MEDITATION

Service Consultation

Do you need help selecting the service best suited to your unique experience?

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Social Safety PRACTICEs

Due to current social safety practices, we shifted the platform in which all services are offered. Through the end of May 2020, at minimum, all sessions are offered via remote energy work. Remote energy work is a viable option for many. Email us to determine if this is the right fit for you.


May we embrace our Highest Self and Universal Oneness.


Sharing the journey

To embody the spirit of The Wandering Raven, I travel frequently to natural temples offered by our Mother Earth. 

These photos are a collection of sacred spaces and moments I have experienced, explored, and discovered along the way. 

Thank you for allowing me to share the journey with you!